Temple Run 2 (iOS): A Leap Over Its Predecessor

As a teenager I was really fascinated at the leap that took us from Wolfenstein 3D to Doom. Back then, I noticed the atmospheric levels, the steps, and the sound effects. All these helped reinforce the notion that I’m fighting in an outpost on Mars, and these were in actual fact improvements over what we had played in Wolfenstein 3D.

So when Temple Run 2 was released this week, I noticed that several reviewers calling it a rehash. Having played the game, I felt that there was definitely a leap from the original Temple Run to Temple Run 2. The first game wasn’t shabby, and that itself is a good reason why people would miss out on the new changes to the game. For me, the biggest change in Temple Run 2 would be the rolling hills, whereby the path you are running on are actually a series of inclines.

The new game features new high-res graphics, which is also a refreshing change over its predecessor, and more Indiana Jones-like adventure elements such as zip lines and riding carts in mines. The game is bigger, crazier and definitely prettier but like the original Temple Run, its available for free on the iTunes App Store! What are you waiting for, head over here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/temple-run-2/id572395608?mt=8

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