Unreal Powered Real Boxing Set For Q4 2012 Release, New Screenshots and Details Available

Back in August, Vivid Games announced that they are coming up with an Unreal powered boxing title for iOS devices, titled Real Boxing. They have now released 5 new screenshots of the game, and they don’t look like it’s from a game for smartphones, rather for consoles. These awesome shots convey the very visceral feel that the game is going for, and in the developer’s own words, “Raging Bull style”, with blood and sweat spraying in the air with each punch and the realistic damage on the boxers’ faces.

Also with their release of the new screenshots, some additional game features have been revealed as well, such as the control scheme whereby gamers swipe and slide their fingers to execute moves and hit their opponent or tap and hold on the screen to defend their character from dangerous jabs and uppercuts.

Just like in the best arcade fighting games, the energy bar on the top of the screen shows how much energy is left, and players will be able to plan different fighting strategies depending on the match they have to face. 8 different characters that can be highly customised, from name and hair colour to the skin, tattoos, and clothes. The character’s appearance can be edited at any point, for example by adding more tattoos or improving gloves and shoes.

Players will be able to choose from several perks to assign them to improve the stats and skills of their character: KO resistance, improved escape from clinch, etc. Four indoor and outdoor arenas and an additional training hall will be the location of Real Boxing’s fights. The stadiums have been inspired by existing buildings.

During the fight, the more damaging punches will reflect on the face of the characters, with head deformation, face emotions and visible body damage. There will be a series of training mini games where players  tap and swipe in time to boost the character’s energy, speed and strength, such as skipping rope or hitting the heavy bag.

Real Boxing is set for a Q4 2012 release, so stay tuned to Nineoverten.com for details.

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  1. ms October 5, 2012

    I can’t wait! I hope it’s gonna be a massive title!