BattleTech Goes Mobile: MechWarrior: Tactical Command Out Now for iPad Devices

I see shades of Mechcommander (one of my favourite PC games) in Personae Studio’s latest iPad game, Mechwarrior: Tactical Command, which brings the beloved BattleTech franchise to iOS in a really big way (just take a look at the download size and you get what I mean). This game is a triple-A title created by the guys down south, in Singapore, and has the support of the Singapore government via the Media Development Authority of Singapore. That’s pretty cool as you get funding and stuff.

“MechWarrior: Tactical Command is a gripping Triple-A strategy game from Singapore, and MDA is proud to have supported its production under the MDA Grant Schemes,” said Mr. Thomas Lim, Director of Interactive Media, Games and Publishing. “Our game developers have refreshed an established intellectual property and modernized it into an engaging and exciting strategy game with great storylines for the iOS platform. It is yet another quality Singapore-made game. “

The game combines innovative multi-touch game controls which only a device such as an iPad can provide, along with an immersive single player campaign written by series canon authors Loren L. Coleman and Randall N. Bills. Players take control of a Mech squad and battle their way through 21 missions across three planets laden with political intrigue and corruption (sounds like a typical BattleTech book :P).

Mechwarrior: Tactical Command features 30 mechs, including the iconic Mad Cat and terrifying Atlas, and players get to customize the heck out of them as well. MechWarrior: Tactical Command is available for download today on the iTunes store for $9.99:

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