Check Out Diablo III And Minigore Inspired Dead Hunt, Now Available on App Store

I love both Diablo III and Minigore. So what happens when the folks from Illogical Games come a calling with their new iOS title, Dead Hunt, which is an action RPG inspired by the likes of Diablo and featuring the top down gameplay made popular by Minigore? I’m pretty much in the opinion that the game deserves a feature on


In the game, zombies have overran the world and players will need to take on waves of enemies Minigore style, with plenty of Diablo-inspired flair, such as the ability to call down area-of-effect orbital strikes, deploy automated turrets, kill streaks and even kiting is encouraged to trigger huge combos.


The game comes without a level cap, ensuring endless character customization and very much like Diablo, the items and equipment are procedurally generated and you’ll never get the 2 identical items.


Honestly, I think the best part of Dead Hunt is that unlike most game proliferating the App Store these days, the game doesn’t come with a buzz kill, in other words, there’s no need to wait for an energy bar/timer to be replenished and there are no premium items! Yup, full-on action proportionate to the the price you pay, with no hidden fees.

Dead Hunt is available on the iTunes App Store for iOS devices for FREE! Check it out over here:

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