Race For Pink Slips in the All New Shiny Looking Racing Rivals (iOS)


Something shiny this way comes in the form of a brand new racing title from Cie Games. Racing Rivals is a free-to-play mobile drag racing game for iOS devices featuring over 40 of the world’s popular cars from automobile manufacturers such as BMW, Honda, McLaren, and many more.  Sponsored by Nitto Tire, Racing Rivals is an intense, high-speed game where fractions of a second can mean the difference between bragging rights or possibly losing your ride. The shiny part comes from the almost console-quality 3D graphics.


Players can upgrade, customize and race all their favorite cars in real-time against players around the world, competing for in-game cash, street credibility and even pink slips. With high-stakes head-to-head racing and an unparalleled level of depth and customization options, Racing Rivals is the definitive drag racing game for mobile devices. Challenges and victories are announced as they happen through on-screen text.


The increased stakes of knowing others are watching and evaluating every performance lends a visceral quality to Racing Rivals that only comes from true social interaction. Optional betting further amplifies that adrenaline rush. “For us at Cie Games, racing is in our blood – and our approach to game design is that the players are the best part of any given game,” said Dennis Suggs, chief executive officer, Cie Games.”

Our goal with Racing Rivals was to capture all the real emotions of a high stakes race, and that could only come from having live multiplayer at the core. The rush of facing off against a real opponent in front of a live crowd for pride, cash, or even your car is truly authentic and unlike any single player experience.”


“Recent game releases have brought impressive 3D graphics to mobile, and Racing Rivals brings it a step closer to console-quality graphics,” said David Ho, director of product development, Cie Games. “And that level of polish extends from the graphics to the gameplay. While other highly polished mobile racing games lack a true sense of live competition, Racing Rivals delivers a racetrack full of real people who are talking to each other, racing head-to-head, and sizing everyone up.”

Check out the game over here: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id604186826

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