Jagged Alliance Inspired Frontline Tactics (Mac, PC, iPad) To Make Debut Later This Year

I must have been distracted by Torchlight 2 to miss this. Meridian4 and developer Full Control have released preview screenshots of their upcoming tactical-strategy title, Frontline Tactics. The game is set in 2025 where the world still runs on oil (shocking isn’t it, one would think renewable energy instead of fossil fuels, anyways..).

A small splinter military group led by a madman named Akhali Muhamar threatens to take over the oil-rich nation of Fahrahn.  The country is a large oil supplier to the Western world and national interests are threatened.  An elite group of soldiers are called in to lead a proactive attempt to quell the uprising and attempt to maintain peace through military action before it turns into full scale war.

Frontline Tactics lets players command a modern, elite fighting unit over varied missions from defending and controlling a location or asset, to all-out elimination and survival.  Outfit your soldiers with modern weapons, armor and equipment and give them the skills to succeed on the battlefield.  Play against a ruthless and cunning AI in single player or simultaneously battle it out in multiplayer in versus or co-op modes over multiple platforms.

This sounds like a potentially successful Jagged Alliance-inspired game. Frontline Tactics will be available later this year for the PC, Mac and iPad. Stay tuned to Nineoverten.com for more details.

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