Jumpster (iOS) Gets Revised IAPs for the Benefit of Players

You know how sometimes folks don’t get bang-for-their-buck when it comes to in-app purchases (IAP)? I’ve seen some pretty ridiculous implementation of IAPs, particularly in iOS games that I’ve reviewed; there was a game, I can’t recall the title, which made it very difficult for the player to advance without resorting to buy the in-game currency. So much for jumping on the free-to-play bandwagon.

Anyway, I must commend the folks at G5, for listening to feedback from the fans of their highly successful iOS title Jumpster. Apparently the implementation of IAP was a bit aggressive and they’ve gone about tweaking the game in the newly released update to dial it down. Among the changes include changing the IAP pricing, the duration of the in-game energy bar and smoothing some levels to make them easier to finish.

  • Changed in-app purchase sums and pricing. New pricing is as follows:
    • $1.99 – 500 coins (was $0.99 – 100 coins)
    • $4.99 – 1500 coins (was 750 coins)
    • $9.99 – 4000 coins (was 2500 coins)
    • $19.99 – 10000 coins – which pretty much lets you get through most if not all of the game.
  • Energy bar lasts 2x as long as it did previously
  • Energy bar is fully restored in only 4 hours. Before it restored every 12 hours.

Kudos to the developers/publishers of Jumpster for listening to the community. According to them, a Halloween update is in the works as well. In the mean time, the game is available for free on the iTunes App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jumpster/id529479940?mt=8

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