Tougeki, Where Arcade Fighting involves Beasting Someone

What’s a Togeki (a.k.a Tougeki – Super Battle Opera a.k.a Arcadia Cup a.k.a SBO)? According to Wikipedia, it’s an annual arcade fighting tournament held in Japan and organized by Arcadia magazine. The games vary from year to year and this year’s tournament features arcade games such as Arcana Heart 2, Hokuno No Ken, Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike, Virtua Fighter 5 and several more.

The tournament is pretty cool, with commentators and all. One just needs to watch the videos (or DVDs) to get a feel on the crowd’s (and commentator’s) high level of excitement. Here are some Tougeki videos that I’ve found on YouTube:

For even greater scrutiny, there are even DVDs of the tournament for sale. Check out the list of DVDs available here. Do note that watching DVDs or even the YouTube videos doesn’t necessarily make you a better arcade fighter. It’s always Practice, Practice, and more Practice.

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