Free-To-Play Thursday: DuckTales, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, Puzzle Knights, Carnage Racing (iOS)

The influx of new games onto the iOS App Store has been amazing this week, no doubt to leverage on the release of iOS 7 for the general public. I’ve been using the new operating system ever since the first beta came out, and while I understand the gripes, iOS 7 represents a quantum leap in presentation and functionality for a lot of users. Anyways, back to the new releases, all of them are available for FREE on the iOS App Store:


Disney’s DuckTales: Scrooge’s Loot is a brand new online battle arena title for iOS devices. This new DuckTales adventure has players competing with friends and facing off against the competition to haul the most treasure back to their vaults in an online multiplayer battle mode. Players can also enter a single-player mode to complete important missions and quests across several different maps, including an airship, a western town, deep caverns and the Sun Temple. The game is available for FREE; to download it, check it out over here:


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 has made its debut on the iOS App Store in the form of a puzzle-match game. The game features beloved characters from the film series, including brainy inventor Flint Lockwood and his lab partner Steve the Monkey, on their perilous quest through the island of Swallow Falls. Throughout the game, players encounter and rescue foodimals, food-animal hybrids, and must chain and match as many of them as possible in sixty seconds to complete goals and progress through the island. It’s available for FREE, so check it out over here:


Puzzle Knights, a game developed by a team of industry veterans that have worked on the Unchartered and Medal of Honor franchises is now available for iOS gamers. Users prepare for combat by solving match-three puzzles. The higher the score, the more stamina they earn to power their attacks and defensive moves in the duel.  Players then select a series of combat moves for a swordfight against another player, which will use the stamina. Characters equip stat altering weapons and armor for a deeper level of customization and strategy. Check it out over here:


Carnage Racing from UK-based indie studio Jagex is a car-combat title now out on the iOS App Store. The game combines racing, stunt driving, explosive combat and real-time 8 way online multiplayer into a single adrenaline-fuelled package to satisfy every kind of car-racing fan. Check it out over here:

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