New Trailer and Kickstarter Campaign for GameLoading: Rise of the Indies Documentary

Fancy supporting a documentary featuring the development of indie games? Well, StudioBento has come up with a Kickstarter campaign for the making of their upcoming documentary GameLoading: Rise of the Indies. The documentary will feature three indie studios, which are Jigxor from Australia, ThoseAwesomeGuys from Romania and Egypt, and Uruguay’s Kalio. Check out the following press release and trailer for further details:


Melbourne-based film makers StudioBento, today launched a preview video to encourage support for their recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the making of GameLoading: Rise of the Indies. The short extract video StudioBento has decided to release is a showcase of three small studios demonstrating their games at GDC Play 2013. The three Studios; Jigxor from Australia, ThoseAwesomeGuys from Romania and Egypt and Kalio based in Uruguay, are a good representation of the studios, individuals and characters the final cut of Gameloading: Rise of the Indies will include.

“We did not go to GDC Play with any specific intentions or interviewee targets but when we met these three really interesting developers we made the time to shoot a little story about their time at GDC Play. ThoseAwesomeGuys were actually staying in our hotel and I would see them all the time in the lobby working on their game so we went up and introduced who we were and now they have become characters in our documentary.” Said Lester Francios, Film-marker and owner of StudioBento.

The indie studios featured in the teaser were delighted to take part in the upcoming film and have shown a huge level of support for the film and it’s current Kickstarter campaign.

“I’m very excited about GameLoading because it’s different from other indie game documentaries in that it does not focus on one specific set of developers and their points of view about the industry. I thought I knew a lot about the indie scene, but realized there was an entire world I was unaware of. Lester and Anna´s travels around the world ares an amazing effort to get a global perspective of the indie scene. I’m so excited because I think this film will prove how games are propagating rapidly across the world as an art medium, that games aren’t just western entertainment or anything of that sort. There are people from all across the globe, across the entire range of ages, from kids to veterans, making games that are influenced by their own culture, and I think this movie is a beautiful chance to hear their stories.” Said Omar Sameh Shehata of ThoseAwesomeGuys Studio.

“Lester and Anna are a blast to work with! They’re an incredibly friendly duo who are intensely passionate about this project, indie games, and the people they meet. I´m really excited to watch their journey around the world and better understand game development culture from a global perspective.” Added Andrew Sum, founder of Jigxor Studio.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign right over here:

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