Indie Game Developer Interview: Uri Foox (Pixafy Web Developers/Order of Leisure)

Everyone I know (even the PR practitioners who usually notify me about games to review) are into Diablo III, so it’s pretty amazing that I managed to pry my fingers off my mouse to bring you this week’s Indie Game Developer interview. This week we feature Uri Foox, of Pixafy Web Developers and co-creator of Order of Leisure, which brought you Kings’ Corners for iOS devices (the review for the brilliant game is over here).

[Nine Over Ten 9/10]: Tell us more about yourselves and how you started developing mobile games?

[Uri Foox]: Pixafy is a Technology Partner. As such we are always striving to grow our skills not only for our own knowledge but for our clients as well. Mobile Development has always been something we’ve wanted to start offering and we made a large investment in putting together an amazing Mobile team. As our first order of business we decided to make our own game!

[Nine Over Ten 9/10]: What was the idea behind Kings’ Corners?

[Uri Foox]: I’ve always been a fan of games and wanted to picked something that had a high chance of getting done well and in a short amount of time. We needed to pick a concept that was easy for the team to understand and didn’t require large orchestration of graphics or sounds.

That led to the team going around the room and pitching their favorite card game. At the end we settled on Josh’s idea of Kings’ Corners. We started development in January of 2012 and it was sent to Apple by early April. Given that this is our first game we learned quite a bit and found the whole process very exciting.

[Nine Over Ten 9/10]: How has the response been to Kings’ Corners on the iTunes App Store? Could you describe the process of marketing your games?

[Uri Foox]: Well first we need to take a step back and thank BWKNY for their AMAZING work in getting us exposure. Initially we released the game as $1.99 and after a few hundred downloads we realized that we needed a larger market. We changed the game to be free and now we have a few thousand downloads.

It’s been incredible to see the reception and the feedback users have given us. We’ve got a lot of new features coming that we’ve been hearing from our fans and implementing it for them. As part of the marketing process we tried to go all out: blogs, press, podcasts and reviews.

[Nine Over Ten 9/10]: Could you share with us a little on what you’ll be working on next? Any plans for releasing games on other platforms?

[Uri Foox]: Right now we’re focusing on iOS because that’s where the most demand is and it is a natural fit for what we do. Android is of course next but we don’t have the capacity to do a port of the game given our client work—but it’s coming! We’re working on two new apps next, one is another game—this one more quirky/fun/anyone can jump in and do.

We’re calling it Royal Flush…can’t give you the details yet but get excited. The next is more of a traditional app that takes on a whole new meaning to waking up…

[Nine Over Ten 9/10]: Any words for aspiring game developers out there?

[Uri Foox]: Do it because you love it. The odds of making the next Angry Birds are so small it’s almost like the lottery. It’s great if you win but don’t count on it. Otherwise, have a lot of patience, focus exactly on the features you want to build and get to market as quickly as possible.

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    Indie Game Developer Interview: Uri Foox (Pixafy Web Developers/Order of Leisure) | Nine Over Ten 9/10