Spin Gem (iOS) Offers Original Take On Casual Arcade Puzzle games

As a reviewer, I get to see tonnes of match-3 games. Some of them can be pretty formulaic but it looks like there are some developers who are more than eager to deviate from coming up with casual arcade puzzle games of that nature (Thank God!), and one of them would be new UK-based indie game development company Waggle Games, with their new title Spin Gem for iOS devices.

Spin Gem is a simple premise – different gems appear in the play area to be moved around, with players using the rotating arms to match gems.  String combos together as the arms rotate to build huge scores.

Jon, Business Director of Waggle Games said: “We all like competing on scoreboards and playing something that gives us a quick gaming fix in those snatched moments – waiting for a bus or train, in between classes or meetings, even in the bath.  We wanted to create a game that everyone can jump into, a quick-fingered but cathartic and hypnotic experience that gives some familiarity on what the player needs to do.  Experienced arcade puzzle fans also have something new to explore: we kept the tagline ‘uniquely familiar’ as our promise throughout the development.”

Spin Gem’s Head of Production, Bob says: “We’re all hyped about Spin Gem; it delivers a really satisfying break from your daily grind and we’re hoping to see it set Game Centre’s Leaderboards alight. We all started gaming in the 70s and 80s, and like many of those original retro games, we wanted to challenge your focus and concentration with simple, accessible gameplay and a cool, easy vibe. There are over 50 Achievements awarding the full 1000 points, so pick it up on App Store for pennies and start building your high score before your friends do!  Top Tip… it’s all about the combos!”

Waggle are fortunate to have expertise who’ve developed some great franchises such as Lego Star Wars, Need For Speed, GTA, Manhunt, The Sims, Dawn of War 2, Gauntlet, Killzone, Haze, Crysis 2, Moto GP, Michael Jackson Kinect and Pirates of the Caribbean.  They have also provided audio for brands James Bond, Harry Potter and the original Sensi Soccer, to name just a few.

Check out Spin Gem on the iTunes App Store (USD 2.99): https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/spin-gem/id467428948?mt=8

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