New Facebook Racing Game StreetRally Out To Challenge Car Town

Not everyday I get an e-mail regarding a Facebook game calling out another Facebook game of the same genre, most of the time it’s just XXX title trying to be the next Angry Birds or Doodle Jump. The game, titled StreetRally, is a new racing game on Facebook, has set its sights on games such as Car Town when it comes to social car games.

The new comer has already caused a fuss among many players in Facebook who have been used to click based arcade games. StreetRally brings a totally new game experience into the social environment connecting a Need for Speed like customization system, top down view racing and social racing challenges among players friends.

Being unique among other car games in Facebook, StreetRally offers their players a possibility to control their car in a real race against virtual opponents or Facebook friends. Car Town has also enabled a racing feature where the success of the race depends on precice clicking whereas in StreetRally, users can drive their cars on a real racing track from a top down view.

These two games differ a lot and both of them have different sort of plus sides. StreetRally concentrates more on competitive players who like racing games whereas Car Town is directed to players who are more into arcade games. Both of the games seem to acchieve their goals well.

It’s possible to have fun in both games the only question is what kind of fun are you searching for. As told in Car Town there’s not a real racing feature which makes StreetRally a bit more challenging. Car Town on the other hand seems to keep players more engaged and has a lot more content in the game. The possibility to collect many different cars, build your garage etc. is lots of fun for a big amount of players.

Developers in Facebook have been discussing a lot over the possibilities of applications during the past few weeks after StreetRally announced that their next update includes a multiplayer feature that allows their players to race with each other in real time in Facebook.

It certainly takes a bit time to pass Car Town’s monthly active users base but StreetRally seems to have all the tools to go for it. The only question is whether the developers of StreetRally are able to reach the right audience. We’ll probably see if things start going uphill or downhill for StreetRally during the following few months. To check out StreetRally, head over to

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