Talking Carl (iPhone) Replaced With A Cardboard Box…I Demand A Refund!

Hmm…It would seem that the developers for the popular Talking Carl app have taken off the deep end and went to town with the updates for this particular app. The iconic Carl has now been replaced with a talking cardboard box, named C.. Normally you would see this kind of ridiculous news somewhere else, but this is totally true.

This new update comes with information on a contest for users to submit their own drawings for the Talking Carl team to incorporate into their app. But then again, why change something if it’s not broken…and to add salt to injury, the app now features ads! If are like me and you want to keep Carl, whatever you do, do not update the app!

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  1. alibebe February 26, 2011

    too late.. just too late.. x_x

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  3. symmwise February 26, 2011

    Here’s a link to past versions of the app. I love much much sh#t people are talking on the app reviews. This is awful:

  4. symmwise February 26, 2011

    Er, I mean here (the above link is for version 1.1):

    Here’s for all the versions.

  5. Mike March 3, 2011

    Talking Carl is now back in the app store with a new publisher ( It looks like the developer had some kind of falling out with the old publisher (Awyse), which led to the cardboard abomination.