Announcing AddictingGames’ Latest Game: Sub Hunt (iPhone/iPod Touch)

It looks like this year’s surprise package, is at it again with a new game for the iPhone/iPod Touch platform called Sub Hunt. Judging by their debut earlier this year with iPark It, World Wars and 50 States, Sub Hunt should be pretty good, but hey, I’ll be coming up with a review real soon. But in the mean time, here are the details for the new game.

Sub Hunt brings arcade style action to the iPhone in a way that no other game has. You’re in control of an advanced prototype submarine as you battle your way through scores of enemies. Depth charges, mines, torpedoes and bombs are just some of what awaits you!

The fate of the world is in your hands!


  • Updated controls which make your sub the deadliest weapon in the sea
  • 3 control schemes means you can tailor the game to the way you play best
  • An impressive 18 upgrades that can be purchased as you level up your character.
  • Save your game to carry your upgrades all the way through the 3 difficulty levels which can be unlocked.
  • Difficulty progression allows challenges for beginners and experts alike.
  • A host of enemies including submarines, airplanes, battleships, destroyers, aircraft carriers and many more.
  • Earn a rating for skilled play to compete with your friends by unlocking achievements and getting onto the leader board.
  • 13 power-ups including the mine launcher, aqua cannon, chrono device, tri-shot and absorption, to name a few.
  • 6 special encounters to challenge your skills.
  • A large selection of music to entertain you while you play.

Download Sub Hunt today via iTunes (click here).

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  1. izzat aziz October 22, 2009

    have to get iphone first i guess.. really good game (based on your description)