PSP Bargain Bin Titles

I don’t normally cover PSP titles, but since I’m thinking of getting one of those new PSP-3000, it’s a pretty good idea to check out what bargain PSP titles are available at my favourite online retailer, Play-Asia:

  • Pump It Up EXCEED Portable (USD 9.90) ~ Click here for details
  • Field Commander (USD 14.90) ~ Click here for details
  • Wipeout Pure (USD 14.90) ~ Click here for details
  • Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops (USD 19.90) ~ Click here for details
  • Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded (USD 24.90) ~ Click here for details
  • Monster Hunter Freedom (USD 24.90) ~ Click here for details
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  1. jgoreham July 26, 2009

    I bought myself a PSP a while ago and I gotta say it’s been getting more attention than my DS! I ordered a load of PSP accessories from Play Asia about a week ago.

    I tried out the Monster Hunter demo a little while ago and I couldn’t really get into it :/

  2. tokyo_nights July 26, 2009

    I’ve got a couple of pals who are really into this Monster Hunter thing, but I guess the main reason to get a PSP now is that there are certainly more interesting games on the platform compared to the DS.

  3. jgoreham July 27, 2009

    More interesting games on PSP than on DS? I dunno, that’s a hard call to make, and certainly not a popular statement to dish out! 😉 Phantasy Star Portable and the Dissidia demo are my PSP raisons d’etre right now, but that said, Personal Trainer: Walking has me turning on my DS every day too (and I can’t say that I had played much of *anything* before any of these games or demos came into my life, I was in a serious game rut). I can’t decide which game I’m more excited for, Little Big Planet PSP or Scribblenauts. I think I’m generally a little DS-ed out right now, Pokemon feels like a chore though I’m desperate to finish it…

  4. tokyo_nights July 28, 2009

    Tell me about it…*heresy I tell you!* I’ve been hanging out on the Sony side of things lately, and inFAMOUS pretty much takes up almost all my gaming time.

  5. jgoreham July 31, 2009

    Haha, one thing that struck me about my PSP is that people I know who don’t game are seriously impressed with it. I used to work a scummy part time evening job in a cafe, and I’d watch Coronation Street episodes on my PSP. A girl I work with was floored with what I could do on my PSP, and she couldn’t believe she wanted a DS.

    I am desperate to own a copy of “The Warriors” for PSP. I want to play that game so bad but have no PS2- wish they’d port Bully too…