XCOM 2 You Difficult, High Maintenance Dog You

From scrounging around the wasteland previously known as Boston for ammo and surviving Super Mutants in Fallout 4, I’ve taken to trying to take back what humanity lost in XCOM 2, but those damn aliens (and the whole low-tech approach to things) sure can make things really difficult. I’ve so far done one reload back to an early part of the game in order to get base-building and resource management (look Ma, no satellites this time around, we have radio transmission towers!) right but the going has been tough as there are plenty of things to trip you up and distract you.


The game hasn’t been kind to my Macbook Pro either, stating that it is not up to scratch when it comes to fulfilling the minimum requirements (I’m using an rMBP with an i5 and 16 GB of RAM), but oh well, it still runs once I dismiss the warning screen at the start.

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