Pentumble (iOS) Game Review: One of the Best Puzzle Platfomers Out There

Helftone’s latest iOS game Pentumble is such a charmer. First off the bat, this puzzle platformer looks graphically amazing, with the textures reminding me (strangely) of games like Team Fortress 2. I guess we have the art direction to thank for that. Secondly, the gameplay is really smooth, I played this on the iPhone 5S and honestly, very few games can pull this level of smoothness off. A lot of work (I’m guessing) has gone under the hood to make this game play as it does.


Described as a 2.5 game by its developers (the game features 3D graphics but the platforming action takes place on a 2D plane), the objective of the game is simple, guide the object, with the sticky feet that can cling to just about anything, around levels filled with obstacles and moving platforms to reach the star in each level. The object itself reminded me of the game Portal and I’m starting to feel that Pentumble is like a homage to Valve. The game’s physics coupled with the simple controls (left, right and jump) just make the game feel really complete. Note that when the object is upside down, the controls are inverse.

Pentumble can be quite difficult for beginners and some of you might feel that you need an element of luck to succeed. My take? You’ll need practice.. and good timing especially when you are trying to beat the clock. Players are awarded with star ratings for each level completed based on the time taken to complete a level.  With great graphics, great use of physics and simple, easy to learn controls, Pentumble is a bonafide puzzle platformer hit for iOS devices.


Available for USD 0.99, the game comes with 36 levels and I’ll bet players will spend alot of time trying to better their best times in each level. Nine Over Ten 9/10 rates Pentumble at a 5 out of 5. Check out the game right over here.

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