Torchlight 2 and the Side-Quest That You Should Really, Really Do

There’s one over-arching side-quest in Torchlight 2 that you should really consider investing your time in, and I’ll tell you why in a bit. Some of you might know this or are probably halfway there, this particular quest (Robot Parts) is the one requiring you to find a whole bunch of… robot parts. These parts are scattered across several locations in the different acts of the game.

Here’s a brief guide: In Act 1, head to Widow’s Veil at Crow’s Pass. In this particular dungeon, you’ll need to light up all the unlit braziers to reveal the secret room to get the Robotic Drum part. I discovered this by accident as I’ve an obsessive tendency of flicking every switch, destroying every urn, stepping over every bug….you get the idea.

In Act 2, activate the quest to investigate the Tower of the Moon. Inside the tower, kill everyone and shoot at the brass gongs hanging on the dungeon’s walls. This will open up a secret area (before that you might want to free that unsavoury trader), where you’ll get the Robotic Arm.

Head over to the Brood Hive (dungeon) located near the Swarm Stacks within the same Act. You’ll know when you’re there when you see plenty of birds flying out of the smokestack-like structures in the desert. Destroy all the roach eggs in the dungeon and you’ll get the Robotic Pipes part.

Next up, in Act 3, head to the Abandoned Sawmill (you’ll need to activate a main quest for this IIRC), you need to release all the skeletons that you find pinned in that level. Here you’ll get the robotic body, which is located at a previously locked gate. The last bit, the Robot Head is a bit of a stretch to get to, but trust me, the reward IS really worth your time. For this you’ll need to get into Cacklespit’s Realm (this itself is a sidequest).

Destroy all the trunks you find in Cacklespit’s Realm and a hidden path will reveal itself in the lower right of the map (you’ll need to approach it ya). Once you have all the parts, go to Professor Stoker and he’ll assemble the Trillbot-4000, formerly a bard and a one-robot band. Trillbot will give you the Three Sisters quest.

Go look for them in the Sundered Battlefields and after a long winded process of killing them (you fight each of the sisters individually, before they gang up on you), go back to Trillbot and he’ll give you THREE levels worth of experience. Let me say that again…. THREE levels worth of XP! Yup, you’ll get a crazy boost in stats and abilities. Still think it’s a waste of time? This quest is a must-do!

Phew, the journey has been long but it’s ultimately worth it. I’ve completed the game, along with the Robot Parts quest. Now I’m into the Mapworks portion of the game and all those crazy dungeon modifiers make for an interesting experience.

Screenshot was taken from the Torchlight Wikia.

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