Frantic Frigate (iPhone) Game Review: Shmup Out In The Sea

Who would have thought to make a shmup, normally associated with air planes and sci-fi elements, with sea faring vessels instead. This is the unique selling point in Berzerk Studio’s Frantic Frigate.

The game is one of those endless shooter types, whereby players take control of a pirate ship and gain gold by destroying sharks (I trust this wouldn’t go well with environmentalist with no sense of humour), seafaring vessels and floating treasure chests. Gold is used to upgrade the ship in terms of inventory size and weaponry as players face continuous waves of tougher and tougher enemies.

The ship in Frantic Frigate shoots automatically, and all the player needs to do is to choose a control scheme in which he is comfortable with in order to move the ship around. There are three options, namely by tapping the touchscreen, or tilting the device or using a virtual joystick. You might think that the game is easy (judging by how the control schemes sound like), but trust me, it does live up to the Frantic part of its name.

It’s pretty crazy moving the ship around the sharks and avoiding cannon fire from other vessels. Boss fights happen in between waves and like the rest of the game, provide an over-the-top and challenging experience. The graphics may be in simple 2D but the gameplay here on Frantic Frigate is simply top-notch.

Nine Over Ten 9/10 rates Frantic Frigate a 4.5 out of 5. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. The game is out now on the iTunes App Store, and for a limited time, it’s available for FREE! Check it out over here: A preview build was provided to Nine Over Ten 9/10 for the purpose of this review.

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