Defend the Nest! Pigs in Trees (iOS) Trailer Highlights the Plight of Tree-Dwelling Swine

Pigs have a bad rep on the iPhone, and often get the short end of the stick. Just take a look at Angry Birds, those green porciners are not only dumb fellas waiting to be brained by some birds, they are of the wrong colour as well.

The upcoming game from PAN Vision and Tactile Entertainment, Pigs in Trees, depicts them to be dwelling in trees (how do they get up there?), but at least they are defending themselves from an invading army of woodpeckers (again..what’s with pigs and birds in the first place..I’m incredulous..LOL).

Players will control pigs in their fighter planes to bring down waves of enemy woodpeckers in this 2D-action game featuring a real-time line drawing mechanic. The game will be available on the App Store beginning August the 11th, with the iPhone and iPad versions priced at USD 0.99 and USD 1.99 respectively.

Key features of Pigs in Trees include:

  • Help defend the pigs’ tree-top nest from an invasion of noisy, airborne woodpeckers
  • Using a simple line drawing interface, fly your pigs in planes around the map while shooting down enemy flyers
  • Enjoy both casual and intense gameplay – starting out fun and casual, the game becomes more intense and strategic as the battles go on
  • Draw the perfect line to stack up multiple kills and create awesome screen-filling combos
  • Use powerups to take down a series of different woodpecking enemies with different abilities and characteristics

Stay tuned to Nine Over Ten 9/10 for more news and perhaps a review of Pigs in Trees.

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