Of Climbing Mountains and Stingy PS3 Games

I don’t know bout you, but I find Jon Krakeur’s book, Into Thin Air, very riveting. It’s probably because climbing, or in my case, hiking up a mountain is a pretty appealing idea just like how nasi lemak is for most Malaysians.


Reading the book (with a dozen over new books in my room, I got to finish it anyway), has caused a minor slump in gaming. My friend remarked yesterday that I last signed in to Sony’s PSN quite a while back, and I replied that’s because I’m “binge-gaming” nowadays.

The problem is that with games coming with achievements/trophies, some games are simply stingy at handing out bragging rights no matter how long you spend with them. inFAMOUS for example doesn’t dish out trophies for side quests and spending 3 hours netted me a miserable 3.

It didn’t help that it is an open-ended RPG, but hey, if Fallout 3 can do it, why not inFAMOUS?


But at the same time, what are the games that are pretty much pushovers for trophies on the PS3? I have one in mind, Terminator Salvation, and trust me, gold trophies are easy with one if you can put up with the occasionally crashes and un-Christian Bale-like John Connor.

Feel free to add your recommendations in the comments section.

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  1. jgoreham July 31, 2009

    Into Thin Air looks pretty interesting; I’m reading Deepak Chopra’s Buddha right now.