Shaun White Snowboarding: SSX Incarnate on the NDS

If you have not check out Shaun White Snowboarding for the Nintendo DS, do check it out. It’s the closest thing to having SSX on this handheld platform.

Using the touchscreen as a means to control the direction and speed of the snowboard, the control buttons are used for performing tricks. The game translates all this input rather well on the screen with pretty nice 3D graphics and animation with no discernable slow down.

The closest thing to SSX on the Nintendo DS is now available at a discounted price of USD 14.90. Click here for purchase information.

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  1. Horizon February 3, 2009

    I tried the mobile phone version of it and it’s pretty cool and the graphic is superb. However, it’s not the type of game I’ll play for long term but I think players who love skating game will love it.

  2. tokyo_nights February 5, 2009

    Yup…I’m one of them fans. Hehe. SSX 3 is a favourite of mine back on the PS2. This game reminds me of it.

  3. burton snowboardjacke February 20, 2010

    Shaun should get a hair cut, but he can snowboard like nobody else, so I guess this makes it okay.