Tales of a Capital Wasteland Wanderer Part 2

Put a physician’s coat on me and call me doctor! I strayed from Fallout 3’s main quest (I’m supposed to fix some radio thingy) and raided an old abandoned hospital in D.C which was positively crawling with Super Mutants.

I wonder how those “main-quest-first, everything else later” players could have survive this level considering that they would have encountered it at an early stage (or maybe not, since that class of players don’t have a habit of straying).

In any case, raiding the hospital will net you a whole pile of stimpaks and other medical supplies, as well as ammo. My guy is almost at superheroic levels with small arms, didn’t have much trouble clearing the hospital at all.

Do note that the sewer leading to the hospital has both Talon Company mercs and Super Mutants. Let both forces thin themselves out (they are fighting!), before opening a can of whoop-ass on the survivors with your weapon of choice.

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