Playing Videos on Nintendo’s DSVision

Curious about Nintendo’s official flashkart, the DS Vision for the Nintendo DS? Well, Nine Over Ten 9/10 has a treat for you today as the flashkart arrived in my mail box along with a Pokemon movie!

I made the order for the two items on the 10th of September and they arrived today (16th September) with the free shipping option from Play-Asia. That’s actually pretty fast as it normally takes 8-10 working days for an order to reach my place. Total cost of the order: USD 48.90.

Let’s start with the DSVision. This official Nintendo DS flashkart is made by AM3 and is designed to allow users to play movies, view comics, etc, on the Nintendo DS.

Like the R4, this flashkart is actually an adapter that reads off a microSD memory card which you can slot in via the side of the flashkart (notice the notice in the picture above?)

You can purchase the DSVision Starter Kit which comes with the adapter and a 512 mb microSD card (presumably filled with stuff), but in my case, I purchased only the adapter. So what content I’m going to run on this flashkart? That’s where the Pokemon movie comes into play.

Maboroshi no Pokemon Rugia Bakutan (DSVision) looks like any other Nintendo DS game, packaging wise, but the contents inside the box might suprise you.

Yup, it’s actually a Pokemon movie stored within a 512mb microSD card meant to use in conjunction with the DSVision adapter. So, what happens when you put both together?

Here’s a video I’ve taken:

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  1. […] dość dawno temu, ale nareszcie ktoś pokusił się o jej sprowadzenie i sprawdzenie w akcji. 9/10 spróbowało sił z filmem Pokemon, a efekt ich działań możecie zobaczyć powyżej. W skrócie rzecz ujmując – […]

  2. jgoreham September 17, 2008

    Pretty cool. Do you forsee yourself using it very often? I’ve been considering this software, I don’t play ROMs anyway and my pda can’t handle videos, I’d really like to have a way to bring the 1UP show and other video content with me on the go.

    Congrats on being an internet superstar again, btw!

  3. ribbu September 25, 2008

    Can you load the DSVision with your own content, or are you stuck buying content for it? If I can put my own video on it, I’m sold.

  4. tokyo_nights September 25, 2008

    @jgoreham: Hmm.. podcasts… that’s something Nintendo should look into.

    @ribbu: good question. Let me try dumping an AVI or mp3 file in

  5. cybertai October 6, 2008

    Hi! check out this online simulation of DSvision.

    Pretty cool!

  6. Dominus Astra December 11, 2008

    @tokyo_nights: I’m also planning to buy the adapter. I live in Japan and I have limited access to other adaptors (R4 or CycloDS). I have no interest at all with DSVision content; but I do have my own generic MicroSD card that I plan to dump some txt files in, and use as ebook reader. Can you please educate me if the adapter works as well with other microSD cards, before I make the buy?

  7. tokyo_nights December 11, 2008

    @Dominus: Unfortunately the adapter runs content downloaded from the DS Vision website.

  8. Dominus Astra December 12, 2008

    Appreciate the fast response. Thanks! Lucky I didn’t order it yet. I’m sad tho, coz I didn’t even want to play pirated games on my DS… in fact I don’t play games at all. So far I’ve been using it for Kanji Sonomama Rakubiki Jiten….

    Again, thank you.