Combat Monsters Bringing Cross Platform Card Combat on PC, iOS, Android & BB10


Pretty interesting came in the mail today. First there was the review code for Space Hulk, a new project confirmation (work-related) and a brand new, soon to be released multi-platform card combat game called Combat Monsters. Created by the BAFTA-nominated studio Rubicon Development, Combat Monsters is kinda like Magic: The Gathering but on a 3D board replete with 3D-modeled monsters and heroes. If that’s not enough, Combat Monsters  features 6-player multiplayer across all supported platforms (PC, iOS, Android and BB10) with players can literally start a game on their iPad, and then continue on their PC.


Here’s what the boss man of Rubicon Development, Paul Johnson has to say about the game which is coming out in Q3 2013: “Combat Monsters is the game I’ve always wanted to play. We started off essentially taking the fighting gameplay elements from squad-based JRPGs, then quickly realized monsters needed to move around a bit… Once we got that going an epiphany occurred: What would happen if we mix a traditional RPG battler with a deck constructing game? The result is Combat Monsters.

We doubled our staff to make this. We took that decision because we believe Combat Monsters really is that good. In fact, in a few days you’ll be able to play it on PC – feel free to tell me that I’m full of it if you don’t find yourself enjoying the hell out of the game. We’ll update Combat Monsters forever and push it as far as the audience wants it to go. And then just a little bit further 🙂


His enthusiasm over the game is hard to deny and we are definitely looking forward to checking the game out. Here’s the press release with further details on Combat Monsters:

Rubicon Development—the BAFTA-nominated creator of Great Little War Game and its award-winning sequel Great Big War Game — is proud to announce the studio’s latest and awesomest creation: turn-based tactical strategy game Combat Monsters for PC and leading mobile platforms. Based on the collectable card games of old but chock-full of three-dimensional goodness, Combat Monsters answers age-old questions like: does 3D make EVERYTHING better? No. Does 3D makes card combat better? HELL YES.


In Combat Monsters, the player’s Hero spawns three-dimensional creatures to a large board that serves as the battlefield. Once spawned, each warrior or monster can attack with thrusting and slicing weapons, move about, heal itself or others, or cast devastating spells like the ever-popular fireball – which takes a full health point every turn. When the enemy’s Hero is fatally wounded, the battle is won.

The game will launch in Q3 2013— if you can’t wait, we made a video just for you: Combat Monsters will follow a “pay what you want” model where players can enjoy a full-featured game for free but opt to invest in new cards and/or more powerful Heroes. “Every day as I wake up, I ponder over life and the meaning of it all,” said Paul Johnson, managing director and co-founder of Rubicon Development. “Had I been spawning 3D monsters all night and making the enemy cry a single bloody tear after being burned to a crisp, I would instead wake up late in the afternoon — unable to work or do house chores – with a smile on my face.”

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