Mittens (iOS) Game Review: Physics Meet Kitty-Kat Love Story

The story of the alley cat out to woo the high-society kitty-cat is one that has been played-out countless of times on the TV screen, with each of the protagonist alley cat facing varying degrees of success. There was a also a crazy skunk masquerading as a cat, out to get some fine feline booty, smelly as he is. Anyways, Disney Mobile Games latest iOS title, Mittens, has the titular alley cat out on a mission to win the heart of up-town-kitty cat Mia, and to do that, he has to subject himself to the law of physics, and then some.

Players will need to make use of phone lines, building antennas, trampolines… basically all the crazy stuff you see the TV cats go through on Saturday morning cartoons in order to get Mittens to Mia and to collect stuff such as milk, diamonds, and balloons to win that feline’s heart. Now, if only things were that straightforward, there are angry chefs and deckhands lying in wait to give Mittens a taste of a frying pan or something worse.

Fortunately for Mittens and players, there’s a handy cutting motion to get rid of obstacles or to drop said obstacles onto those meanies trying to keep the two love-birds, I mean love-cats apart. There’s a time-based element to the gameplay as well, not so much in completing a level in a certain time, but to time when exactly Mittens can jump or when to drop an obstacle as failing to do so will cause Mittens to either get smacked, burnt or leap out of the level (but not break the fourth wall…LOL, but it’s game over nevertheless).

For a casual game, Mittens looks amazing and comes with really cute and colourful 2D graphics. There are 75+ levels with 3 level packs. There’s an additional level pack available as an IAP for USD 0.99. Fun and entertaining, and packed with short bursts of gameplay that would appeal to any kind of gamer (from casual players out for some fun to completists who would want to collect everything), Mittens gets a 4.5 out of 5 from us at

The game is available on the iPhone for USD 0.99 (click here) and USD 2.99 for the iPad HD version (click here). I actually played the iPhone version on my iPad and found the larger screen to be of benefit (you tend to notice more stuff, especially at 2X mode). A review code was provided to for the purpose of this review.

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