Feelingtouch Plagiarises Hit iOS Title Overkill & Wins Samsung Smart App Challenge

Imagine that you have it good with a hit game on both Android and iOS platforms, and someone plagiarises your game, submits that new game into a competition and then wins it. The whole scenario sounds incredulous, but for the sake of argument, if I were the developer of the plagiarised game, I would be totally incensed and would go on a warpath to set things straight.

So imagine how the developers at Craneball Studios felt when this nightmare scenario actually happened to them, in real life?  They dropped me a line recently regarding their game, iOS & Android title Overkill. Apparently an Asian studio called Feelingtouch Inc (a.k.a FT Games, previously known as Superdroid.net) came up with a game called Gun & Blood which proceeded to win the best game category in the Samsung Smart App Challenge.

The folks at Craneball actually found out back in April that Gun & Blood is really similar to that of Overkill, in which the game’s mechanics and design had been plagiarised with slightly reworked graphics. To add salt to injury, feeling touch saw fit to use text from Overkill in previous versions of Gun & Blood. Check out the comparison chart below to see for yourself:

This isn’t the first time plagiarism has reared its ugly head in iOS & Android games. Previously I did not publish news on certain games (or reviewed them for that matter) since they looked incredibly similar to that of existing, successful iOS or Android hits, and some of these instances of plagiarism were even more severe than what Craneball Studios faced.

It does add to the stigma that Asian developers (those copycat games that I found were made by developers from Vietnam, Hong Kong and China) can’t really come up with original hits. The folks at Samsung have not commented on the issue although I wished their judging of the competition was a little more stringent. feeling touch actually received USD 200,000 by winning the grand prize in this competition.

To the folks at Craneball Studios, we at Nineoverten.com feel for you. We’ll be seeking comment from Feelingtouch Inc/FT Games soon. To check out Overkill, it’s available for free on the iTunes  App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/overkill/id421659813?mt=8

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