This Week in Comics: Batwoman #13, New Guardians #13 & Minutemen #4

Last week was a roller coaster ride when it came to comics, considering that we had stuff involving the Red Skull cutting out Professor X’s brain, and the Joker coming back with a vengeance. This week’s corps of comic books pales in comparison but we do have one particular gem that is heads and shoulders above the rest.

Step forward Batwoman #13 and claim your mantle as one of the best regular series comic book issues to ever come up in the past few years. Batwoman goes up against creatures of mythology in this issue and teams up with Wonder Woman as she knows that she is in way over her league. The internal monologue is intense, poignant at some parts, and the art, extremely beautiful. This is one book that you should really check out: 5/5.

Kyle Rayner gets a crash course in using the red colour spectrum in Green Lantern New Guardians #13, and Atrocious’ way of playing teacher turns out to be pretty…meh..He does beat Kyle into a pulp though and Kyle’s ability to channel all the colours of the emotional spectrum remains an intriguing one with him visiting the Sinestro Corps next. 3.5/5.

The Silhouette’s death becomes the focal point of Before Watchmen: Minutemen #4 as current and ex-Minutemen, particularly Sally, Ursula and Eddie share some, if not separate exposition which sheds new light on their alter egos. This is one of the better comic books this week, not only from a character development point of view, but also the art, it’s just stunning. 4.5 out of 5.

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