KPAC Trail Relay Run 2012 Race Report

You know how on some days you show up for a race realizing that it’s an “off day”? That happened to me yesterday at the KPAC Trail Relay Run 2012. I felt under the weather in the morning, and had to take a pill to stop my running nose, which made me really drowsy. I also had plenty of my mum’s awesome curry (she did ask me whether it was the right thing to do before a race) for lunch, which made for a really funny situation during the run, more on that later.

The race actually took place in a location that I was really familiar with, Taman Rakyat (a.k.a People’s Park) in Taman Sri Andalas. Since it was a relay, each team member in the 4 person team will have to do a 3 km loop before passing the baton to the next runner at the finish line. And guess what, apart from the short detour down to the mosque and up again, the route was the same one that I used to back when I was in high school and college.

I guess that despite the familiarity, I never actually ran a sprint through the course before, most of the sessions back then were just run/walks. I was the anchor for my team and when it came to my turn to run, I actually had difficulty getting into gear. It’s like an automobile stuck at the 2nd gear trying to going up to fourth….LOL….the curry was giving me one heck of a heartburn and it was terrible. Lesson here: Listen to mom.

We clocked the following times during the run: 25 minutes, 20 minutes, 26 minutes, 23 minutes, which was not so bad. The team at first place finished with a total time of 57 minutes! Overall it was a pretty fun experience and a chance to see A LOT of good runners in action.

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