Strange Things I Get In My Mail: Haikus and Petitions To Review Video Games

I get all kinds of e-mails everyday, most of them asking me to review games. One guy wrote in yesterday starting with the subject line: “My lord, I wish you can have a time to review my app”…it gets even funnier in the main message: “Dear Sir, I’m a poor developer who have no money….”. I feel you man, I’m a video game reviewer with no budget. But you guys who are reading this, do check out Mushroom Defender Free (

Anyways, I got a haiku today from the folks promoting the launch of Ravensburger‘s newest iOS title, THINK-Mind Path. It’s a logic trainer game and it looks pretty cool. The haiku is pretty cool as well with details of the game:

Find serenity
in a garden of puzzles
escape in Mindpath

Presenting Mindpath
from Reiner Knizia
hit board game maker

Explore six different worlds
learn as you advance in skill
as zen music plays

The features are this
a variety of boards
an array of puzzles

Move pieces around
of many shapes and sizes
and connect two stones

When deemed correct
water flows along the path
and flowers blossom

As players advance
puzzles become more complex
and stones more far flung

Also be informed
tiles may burn off when touched
revealing a hint

Try Mindpath today
indulge your senses and mind
with Ravensburger

To download Mind Path, head over to this link:

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