Going Monk-ish in Diablo III Beta (Mac) Post Patch 16

Blizzard went ahead to do a purge on the Diablo III Beta Test following a new update (Patch 16) that put in place a whole bunch of enhancements and bug fixes. One noticeable result (besides a total character/achievements wipe) would be the terrible graphics lag that I’m experiencing at the moment in open areas (e.g. New Tristam, Old Tristam Road) and this only improves when my character is in a confined space, like a dungeon or the Inn in New Tristam.

Anyways, with the character wipe (which was convenient, since I wanted to get a new character anyways), I’ve proceeded to select a new class, this time I’m going with the monk. I tell you, this guy comes with mad skills and his hand-to-hand combat style will send opponents flying….it’s like having Ip Man (Donnie Yen) in a game. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Kamehameha:

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