Spacetime Studios Launches Industry’s First Cross Platform (Mobile/PC) MMOs

Talk about playing a MMORPG on almost any kind of device with an Internet connection. That’s what exactly Spacetime Studios has done with Pocket Legends and Star Legends. They have reached an industry milestone by removing the barriers between MMO players on different platforms. Pocket Legends and Star Legends, the world’s largest mobile MMO games, are now the first MMOs in history to allow people to play the same game together on desktop computers, smart phones and tablets.

The company has come a long way since we first covered them a year ago when they launched the iPhone’s first MMORPG in the form of Pocket Legends. The game further evolved to feature an Android client. Since Spacetime Games are played on a single global server, it is now possible for someone in the U.S. to play on their iPhone with someone in Germany on their Android tablet and someone in South Korea on their computer.

“There have always been technical walls between players of different platforms,” says Gary Gattis, CEO of Spacetime Studios. “Now, people are free to play on the device they choose with anyone, anywhere, anytime, whether they are at home or on-the-go.”

Pocket Legends and Star Legends are Powered by Spacetime, technology built to support a global player-base on different devices and platforms interacting together within the same server-set. Spacetime Studios integrated Google Chrome Native Client (NaCl) technology with the Spacetime Engine to create the desktop clients for Pocket Legends and Star Legends.

Pocket Legends and Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles are the world’s largest mobile MMOs with more than seven million downloads and a million play sessions weekly. Currently, Pocket Legends and Star Legends are playable on most Apple and Android mobile devices as well as Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

The new desktop clients for Pocket Legends and Star Legends are now available on the Chrome Store: There’s no need for me to explain what browser you’ll need to use to run the game :).

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