The Walking Dead Meet The Law: Judge Dredd vs Zombies (iPhone) Game Review

I’m beginning to wonder why most of the dual-stick shooters that I reviewed feature zombies as the antagonist. The latest to be included into this pile of games utilises IP from one of the most iconic (if not underrated) comic book characters in recent memory, Judge Dredd.

In Judge Dredd vs Zombies for the iPhone, the good judge of Mega City One delivers his brand of justice against waves of zombies in a game that closely mimics the style belonging to one of my favourite games of old, Incubation. This would mean 3D isometric graphics, which is something that separates this game from the likes of Age of Zombies.

One of the drawbacks from the game is the overuse of the slo-mo zombie destruction death cam (I’ve got no better way to describe how the camera zooms in slowly whenever you successfully score a one-hit kill on a zombie); it literally spoils the rhythm that you get whenever you are out shooting zombies.

The weapons load out however is impressive. Credits earned from killing zombies can be used to purchase new weapons or upgrade existing ones. My personal favourite is the shotgun….no zombie hunting judge is worth his badge without a shotgun IMHO. Fans of the comic book character would go all out to get the Lawgive, the Spitgun, the Scattergun and the Hi-Ex Launcher.

The same credits can be used to purchase additional equipment before the start of a level, stuff like additional ammo clips and body armor can really make a difference in the arena-like levels packed with zombies. Speaking about our dear un-dead antagonists; they make up for their sheer mindlessness with a singular objective of hunting you down.

There are several types of zombies and while things can get a little hairy (you may find yourself locked in a room full of zombies), there are items that can be used to help decimate them, such as exploding barrels (I bet the developers got this from playing too much of DOOM). Just so you know, the auto-aiming helps as well.

I had fun shooting up zombies in Judge Dredd vs. Zombies, the game is a pretty solid dual stick shooter and the developer has even thrown in Game Center support in the form of achievements. Nine Over Ten 9/10 rates Judge Dredd vs. Zombies at a 4 out of 5, it’s certainly worth checking out. The game is available on the iTunes App Store for USD 0.99:

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