Has Nintendo Lost The Plot?

Life must be hard for those who get pwned by the Apple juggernaut. Lets do quick check: Google buys Motorola Mobility, not so much for the handsets, but for the patents to shore up itself against Apple, and HP shutdowns WebOS and its Touchpad line, after failing to make headway in the tablet market.

Now Nintendo is rumoured to be coming out with a new redesign of the 3DS and distancing itself from the 3D functionality of their…well…not so well received handheld gaming device (apparently Apple is to be blamed). If these rumours are true, then my earlier conversation with my pal this morning pretty much sums it up:

Gan (G): Pffft no money. Me saving for 3DS! I heard they going to release new version.

Jason (J): I’m going to SG (Singapore) this weekend!

G: zzzzzzzzzzz

J: ya with LESS 3D, more buttons (actually it’s an add-on thingamajig)!


J: u going all khan on them?

G: i hate those f*ckers.

IMHO, they should have just made a smartphone in the first place.

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