Google Says Review Your Adsense Implementations on Flash Gaming Websites

Google has just issued some new recommendations concerning their Adsense for Games and Adsense for Content products when it comes to sites with dynamic Flash content like Flash-gaming websites and Flash games. Basically they are asking webmasters to review the placement of the ads in order for the Ad units to be not placed too closely from any dynamic Flash contest or game players (at least 150 pixels away), as to prevent accidental clicks.

This recommendation needs to be implemented immediately as failure to comply will lead to earnings adjustments for clicks that are accidental, and thus invalid. According to Google, cases with significant advertiser risk will result in them issuing policy notifications, disabling ads serving to the violating site or even to the entire account(!). So if you are operating a Flash-gaming website or implemented games with ads, do take heed :).

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  1. war games May 14, 2011

    I guess people must leave people some time to have this problem fixed. Some webmasters have literally doesns of websites. It just takes time and effort. What about those who just baught their script, and have no knowledge to get them fixed on their own. TRicky situation.