Jelly Car 3 (iPhone) Game Review: Perfection Takes On Jelly-like Qualities

These are the voyages of the Jelly Car, to boldly go through amazing levels of fun in search of the elusive “Stop” sign. Yup, Disney has done it again with the latest release of Jelly Car 3 for the iPhone and iPad. Players familiar with the first two games should feel right at home in Jelly Car 3.

The objective in each level is pretty simple, players are task with finding the Stop sign in each level, and to do so, they have to make use of the abilities of the incredibly flexible Jelly Car in the puzzle-like environments. While this is pretty similar to the first 2 games, one would be left wondering on what did Disney put into the latest iteration?

Well, they practically went to town with the enhancements. Players roam the 50 levels in Jelly Cars that they can customize right onto the hubcaps and sound that the car emits, race against ghost cars with best times culled from online leaderboards (Game Center), rewind through the levels to correct mistakes and gain faster times, and make recordings of their efforts.

Hehe..I’ve got a confession to make. I really like the menus in the game. Brownie points for the developers who came up with such an interesting twist to what would have been cookie-cutter menus.

Jelly Car 3 represents a pinnacle in what casual games on the iPhone/iPad can really be, and having said that, represent a high mark in which other developers should strive to achieve. With plenty of replayability and almost everything else except the kitchen sink thrown in to enhance the gameplay experience, Jelly Car 3 is a definite winner. Having a price tag of USD 0.99 just seals the deal.

Nine Over Ten 9/10 awards Jelly Car a FIVE OUT OF FIVE, the highest rating so far ever given to a game reviewed on this site. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED AND GET IT NOW!

Jelly Car 3 is now available on the iTunes App Store for just USD 0.99. Check it out over here: A review code was provided by Disney to Nine Over Ten 9/10 for the purpose of this review.

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