Of Nasty Bugs and Red Faction: Guerrilla

There’s this particularly nasty bug going around the office comprising of a triple threat of cough, high fever and sore throat.  It was so bad that when yours truly got infected, he didn’t even manage to turn on his PS3 for the past three days at home!

Good thing that I managed to finish Red Faction: Guerrilla the day before the bug hit, and that pretty much is a record on its own. 3 weeks of gaming and wah-lah, a completed game. In comparison, I spent several months on inFamous and the better part of a year on Fallout 3.


And what do I feel about Red Faction? The game still feels like a suicide run, right up to the final mission!

In any case, what’s next for me? I have Bayonetta, Dead Space and Mercenaries 2 for company.

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