Flower (PS3): Now Featuring The Mum Review

My mum actually sat through a play-through of  Flower on the PS3, so here’s the “mum-review”:


  • The music is very nice, very soothing
  • The game is beautiful
  • It’s a non-violent game


  • The game is headache-inducing
  • Controls seem to be non-intuitive
  • The grass doesn’t look real enough
  • It looks quite boring

For the most part, I pretty much agree with the above mentioned assessment. The game is not boring though (Sorry Ma!).


As for my case, it’s been  quite a while since I last played a game that didn’t require me to shoot at something. Flower’s gameplay is pretty simple, like those bit.Generations titles on the GameBoy Advance. You control a flying petal, and you collect more petals as you  make flowers bloom.

Having said that, if you are looking for a challenge, don’t let the simplicity fool you, the game has plenty of challenges to spare. With stuff like collecting all the petals available in a level, finding the hidden flowers, etc, you are actually rated on how well you do with the number of petals in your flower pot at the level selection screen.

Flower is available as a downloadable game on the Playstation Network Store (PSN). Check it out, I highly recommend it.

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  1. pligg.com September 28, 2009

    Nine Over Ten 9/10 » Flower (PS3): Now Featuring The Mum Review…

    My mum actually sat through a play-through of Flower on the PS3, so here’s the “mum-review”:…

  2. Huai Bin September 28, 2009

    Haha! Nice one, review with a twist. The Maternal Verdict (TM). 🙂

  3. tokyo_nights October 13, 2009

    @Huai Bin: something different for a change 🙂