On The Subject of Nokia Phones Not Getting Love in America

I find it amusing to be reading an article thrashing Nokia phones in  America. While I don’t think the world about Nokia phones, they have always come up with desirable phones that normally balance out being pretty and feature packed at the same time.

On the other hands, American cell phone users have been tied down too long with carrier plans, and all that has produced carrier locked phones with crippled functionality…heck, you can’t even tether your iPhone to your laptop when you’re on AT&T. LOL.

We don’t hear the rest of the world complaining about a. Nokia being a weak brand, b. lack of CDMA handsets, c. unusual designs, and d. the OS being Symbian. And perhaps, Priya Ganapati, in this age of globalization, you should get out of your shell  and experience what the world has to offer, and what you, and your fellow Americans have been missing out on.

In other words, get with the program :).

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  1. Jon C July 13, 2009

    Is Wired actually still relevant? With articles like this I do not think so.

  2. tokyo_nights July 13, 2009

    Some articles are still decent, while some are borderline on “Meh”, this on the other hand, belongs to a trash compactor