The Thing About The iPhone and Games You Should Check Out

For a phone, the Apple iPhone sure packs some firepower and it’s pretty strange when you compare it with a Windows Mobile smartphone. I’ve had the experience of using one WM6  powered device and it was really sluggish doing the juggling act of being a phone and a PDA at the same time.

The iPhone doesn’t have such problem and honestly, I wasn’t expecting that level of performance coming from something with such a pretty interface. Cool interface and being particularly fast aside, the games are pretty good too.

Granted that most games can be found on the iTunes Store, getting the iPhone jailbroken in order to try out some third-party jailbroken games via Cydia is something worth the effort. While you are at it, check out Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe and the myriad of retro console emulators available courtesy of those hard-working third party app developers out there.

On the iTunes Store front (pun not intended), check out the following titles:

  • Terminator Salvation: The movie rocks hard, and the game, for all purpose and intentions tries to deliver the same experience to the iPhone, with a little kinks thrown in here and there. While it isn’t exactly that great of an action game, it’s nothing like I’ve ever seen on the DS.
  • Word Fu: This is Text Twist with a twist (for lack of a better word). Shake and slap down your iPhone (just do the motion, don’t hit something with it for crying out loud) to create your very own letter bank. That way, you don’t get to blame the computer, or the phone in this case for not giving you the letters you want.
  • iFighter: Now you can walk into a Japanese arcade and boast that you can actually play a shmup with just one hand. If those disbelieving Japs want to beat the smart mouth outta you, whip out the iPhone and play iFighter! Thats right, just about the only shmup you can play with one hand :).

There are plenty of games to explore on the iPhone platform, so be sure to check out Nine Over Ten 9/10 for brand new iPhone game reviews along with our usual Nintendo DS and PS3 coverage, bargains and discounts, and /general gaming news.

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