Atari 8-Bit Alley Cat on the Nintendo DS

A couple of days ago, my dog suffered the indignation of a cat stealing her dog food from right under her nose (well, she was barking at strangers walking pass the gate and didn’t realise the cat snuck in). The proper net-speak would be….pwned.

In any case, the whole incident reminded me of the first game I’ve ever played on the PC, Alley Cat. The game was pretty simple, guide the cat to catch some mice while avoiding the big bad dog. A little bit of digging brought up the fact that the game was also released on the Atari 8-bit platform which encompasses the Atari 400 and 800.

Knowing that the Nintendo DS has an Atari 800XL emulator in the form of PokeyDS, I thought it would be fun to hunt down the Alley Cat XEX file and try running it on the DS. Want to know whether it worked? Check out the following video shot in HD (960 * 720):

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  1. Roger December 29, 2009

    Could you send me a link or where to find alley cat for pokeyDS, please??