Gardening Mama (NDS) Reviewed

I can’t help but feel a little dumb playing Gardening Mama on the NDS. But before anyone of you Cooking Mama fans start throwing brickbats, hear me out would you?

The thing about living in a Semi-D house is that it accords you a decent amount of land to start a garden and to plant stuff, which I actually did. I derived great pleasure from planting some cucumber and sawi (Chinese mustard greens) seeds and watching them plants grow and then eating them as well.


Now, back to Gardening Mama. The very idea of transplanting all the chores/tasks involved in gardening to the touch screen felt nothing short of stupid. Planting and tending to even a potted plant is more interesting compared to seeing a virtual plant on screen. You can’t do anything with it, can you?

Madness aside, I’m still pretty sure that there are people that would actually buy this game (which is actually a crazier notion compared to playing the game), so if you are interested, click here for details. Now, if you may excuse me, I’ve got a real garden to tend to.

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