Dragon Dance (NDS) – A Review & Gameplay Video Included

In real life, the Dragon Dance is a traditional Chinese performance, not unlike the Lion Dance. However, a Dragon Dance may feature up to 50 dancers for one dragon, making it a sight to behold. Dragon Dance for the Nintendo DS combines two elements from two different puzzle games, namely Mahjong tile games, and Luxor, to create a brand new experience on the Nintendo DS.


The objective of each level is pretty simple. A Dragon dance (in is going on, traversing from one end of the top screen, to the other end). Each dancer is represented by a Mahjong tile which is also shown on the touch screen as a pile of Mahjong tiles. You are supposed to clear the Mahjong tiles on the touch screen by tapping on them whenever they appear as dancers on the top screen. Check out the following video to see how this is done:

It sounds pretty easy, but given that there are a variety of Mahjong tiles, a restriction of showing so many of them on a small screen (thus the tiles appear small), and also the speed in which the Dragon Dance moves from one end to another, the game is actually quite challenging. Just don’t stab your screen out of frustration.

Do note that the game is in Japanese, but with a little trial and error you should be able to navigate through the user interface. Dragon Dance is available now at Play-Asia, click here for purchase information.

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