Up-Armoured Nintendo DSi, Enquired Within.

If you are using a NDS Phat, you really don’t need to worry about protecting that thing. It’s built like a tank and can take being tossed, dropped and even thrown into a day-bag with lots of nasty objects. But what if you are using one of those new-fangled, not to mention, fragile looking Nintendo DSi?

Now, this won’t make your precious Nintendo DSi like Iron Man, but some protection is better than no protection at all, right? Unless you are into discus playing with handheld consoles (you have to be crazy to even think that idea…hey..wait.a.minute), Hori’s Protect Case DSi should be able to protect the DSi’s matte surface from scratches and maybe, just maybe, minor spills.

There’s a convenient camera hole cut through this DSi accessory so that the DSi camera won’t be obscured. And unlike Iron Man, these don’t come in a Red and Gold colour scheme (but I figure some enterprising individual would put paper cut outs between the DSi and Protect Case), but instead it comes in Clear Black and Clear. Click on the respective colours for purchase information. For the entire list of currently available and upcoming Protect Cases, click here.

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