The Diary of the Guy from NFS: Undercover – Pt 1

Day One:

The mission just came in, a mysterious lady just asked me to “make it big”. In fact I find myself involved in a bank heist and I’m at the wheel of a getaway car. I’m supposed to make it to a safe house and avoid the police. Heck, I don’t need a mission for this, the boys in blue were on to me as soon as I started moving my car.

I quickly take out one of the two police cars, and lost the other one in a series of turns. Strangely my car is without a scratch despite having ram one of the cars head on. Kids, do not do this with your Dad’s Toyota.

The same mysterious lady de-briefs me at the safe house. Turns out her name is Chase and she’s a cop or something. That makes me a cop too.. I think. I’m confused. I’m an accessory in a robbery for crying out loud.

Chase does have a problem. While some people like to keep stuff short and sweet, she’s the short and oblique kind, often speaking tersely with no more than 4 words a sentence. I don’t know what’s her problem but apparently now I’m supposed to participate in more illegal racing events.. and win them.

Day Two:

The first race I participated after meeting the lady was a doozy. It was a street circuit but despite all the twist and turns, my opponents can’t seem to show up on my rear-view mirror. The next one, a sprint race from Point A to Point B across town was boring as heck. I was in Paradise City the other day and that place was happening! Can’t say the same about this town though.

Day Five:

Despite winning several events in a role, I felt that the car needed some upgrades. The garage guys were of no help, they kept on saying that performance parts were not yet in stock. “How bout a new rear spoiler, mon?”, one of them offered. Thanks..but no thanks.

One problem I noticed about my car, the stereo’s broken. It’s spewing some crap Hindi New Age tune whenever I’m not racing and it keeps repeating tracks…I count at least 2 of ’em. It’s driving me nuts.

Day Six:

It took a couple of races before things got interesting. Chase got in touch with me, TELLING me to win the next checkpoint race. I don’t get racing from toll booth to toll booth under the clock, especially when the highway is empty.

Anyways a hot Latina, Carmen, called right after I won, suggesting that we should meet up soon. I haven’t even seen her shadow since.

One way to get over disappointment is shopping. Nothing beats the feeling of spending ill-gotten gains and the fact that my mechanic finally has the parts I wanted. What’s even better is that even after all the upgrades, I still have enough moolah for a new ride, a Shelby GT500. I promptly upgraded that as well.

Day Eight:

The next set of events to me away from the city to coastal suburbia, which was a refreshing change. I had a “Mass Destruction” message pop-up on my phone right after I rammed into my tenth traffic cone in a race…seriously..traffic cones, and how did they know about it at the first place?!

Chase called again right after I won a knockout race, snatching the win from a Mustang GT. “We need to mess with cops”…followed by some gibberish about not going fast enough and infiltrating a criminal gang. Holy Cow!

After getting back from the coast to the city in record time (one of them toll booth speed runs again..), I got busted for mass property destruction. I would have said “Same team guys!!” if it weren’t for my deep cover status. Thank goodness for illegal racing and the prize money it entails. I got myself..and my ride..bailed out in no time.

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