Gotta Get This Pokemon DS Lite?

There’s something really familiar about this Pokemon gracing the cover of this Limited Edition Nintendo DS Lite. Ah yes, it’s the same one on the cover of the recently released Pokemon Platinum.

The Pokemon Daisuki Club Giratina Special Edition Crystal White Nintendo DS Lite is a Japan-only exclusive release, but is now available on Play-Asia. The cover of this Special Edition DS Lite is adorned with the motif of Giratina, the feature Pokemon of Pokemon Platinum.

The price tag for this thing? USD 399.99. Interested? Click here for further details.

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  3. Anna October 31, 2008

    Im sure many are going to love this..there are so many pokeman fans.

  4. pizza4D October 31, 2008

    That DS Lite has been around just as long as Pokémon Platinum and became available shortly after. Nothing new here at all.

    Are you trying to be like the Kotaku Slowbros?

  5. tokyo_nights November 1, 2008

    @Anna – Yup.
    @Pizza4D – Boo hoo to you. I for one never seen it yet, you got a problem with that? Who died and made you minister of information disseminated on the internet. Go and play mod in your single visitor forum, or blog for that matter. 🙂