Buying Games in a Recession.

These days, many of us will wake up to news of recession, the stock market faltering, a hike up in interest rates and the price of oil, and even contamination of food items that we usually won’t think twice of passing up on the supermarket aisle.

So how, during these times of uncertainties, have your hobbies, particularly video games, been affected? In my case, most of my funds for new games come from the ad revenues of this blog. Having said that, the number of people who clicked the ads have dropped compared to say..three months ago?

With reduced earnings, I’m more content at shopping for bargains and waiting for sales to hit my favourite online retailer Play-Asia. I also find myself scouring online auction sites, almost daily during lunch time for deals. Buying at RRP is simply not an option.

So, what’s your recession proof idea?

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  1. Jon C October 10, 2008

    Buy more used games, and sell them once completed for a profit. No more keeping games just for the sake of keeping them (though I’ll still keep the ones I really do love like ICO digipak).

    Will probably get rid of the Wii as well seeing how neglected it is.

    Having said that I’ve a backlog of games I need to complete anyway and apart from a couple of PS3 games being released this year, I doubt I’ll getting anything new.

  2. ivy October 10, 2008

    For now i am not affected yet with whats hapenning. I have a PSP and i got my games from torrent sites. Hopefully the recession will not affect my gaming lifestyle.

  3. Nicholas Leong October 10, 2008

    Getting more used games and renting them PS3 games. Can’t buy all of them anymore.

  4. tokyo_nights October 21, 2008

    @Jon: Ahh..the finish what you have first tactic.

    @ivy: how bout if i steal your homework and claim it as my own…start playing ori and probably you’ll appreciate your games better.

    @nick: buying em all used to be mah motto too.