Introducing a New Challenger to the Nintendo Wii (lulz)

The Nintendo Wii and Wii Sports make for a rather engrossing combination, but there’s a brand new console in town to take on the Wii (and Wii Sports).

Enter the WiNi Sports Game console. Aside from sharing the same form factor as the Wii (and a little of the name as well), this made in China product comes with a whopping 14 arcade games, 2 music games, 8 Olympic games, 7 brain games, 4 hunter games, 3 racing games and 10 interactive sports games.

This brings an end to disc swapping and with that, gives it an advantage over the Nintendo Wii. The WiNi also comes with a pair of wireless remote controls, and now sells for about USD 100 on Ebay. Go get yours now!

Okay, enough camp. Don’t worry, I don’t encourage people to purchase rubbish like the WiNi. As you would have noticed already, the Wini is one of those Wii knock-offs that you can find on eBay or even your local supermarket/video games store. I don’t know anyone who has bought one of these stuff, and I actually stumbled on the Ebay posting while looking for cheap Nintendo DS games.

If you do have a WiNi Sports Game console, you might have been a) duped into thinking that it was the original Nintendo Wii, b) too cheap to get a Wii, or c) trying to appease a young kid with a cheap stop-gap measure (they wouldn’t know the difference), but do drop a comment on how it handles; a short review would be much appreciated as well. Lulz

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  1. Maria September 28, 2008

    No offense, but China should really develop something new and innovative rather than copying and faking others. Since China has the money and talented people, they really capable how doing something good. Just look at how Beijing Olympic done, China can really do it.

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  5. design September 29, 2008

    This laughing stock chinese knockoff only furthers the idea that the Wii is perfect and need not be changed. I wish that were the case……

  6. Tam October 21, 2008

    What a joke.. Mate.. I’d remove promoting this item before Nintendo get on your case.. I hate this kinda crap..

  7. tokyo_nights October 21, 2008

    @Maria: Yeah.

    @Design: Xbox 360 or PS3?

    @Tam: It was tongue in cheek…besides mate, you’ll need to repeat the same line to the 3 other sites who picked up the story from Nine Over Ten 🙂

  8. Polak July 6, 2009

    I see them at Chinese Walmarts, I’m tempted to buy one just for the LOLZ. Much cheaper than you list here, just about 200 Kuai($30).