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The first time the R4DS came out, I was like, “Wau… there isn’t a Slot-1 flashkart at the first place?” and promptly bought 1 from the first batch. If I remember correctly, it was only RM 60 (USD 17), sans the microSD card.

Nevermind the fact that I own a lot of original DS games (50 over the last time I counted), the R4 was, and still is a pretty useful device. But now, with its status as the elder statesman of Slot-1 flashkarts and a whole slew of better karts out there in the market (with among other things, SDHC support, real-time save, etc), it’s probably time for me to start looking for a replacement.

Here’s a rundown on my options, and while you are reading, you will encounter the word “apparently” often. This is because I’ve no first hand experience with the below mentioned products.

  • CycloDS: Apparently the best out there and supports Wii-DS Download Play, it is also the most expensive. While it was selling on a local auction site for RM 140 last month, expect to pay north of that now.
  • EDGE: Apparently a clone of the CycloDS. It’s cheaper, at around RM 100.
  • AceKard: Now this is really hardcore. It comes with both NAND memory and microSD-HC support, and has a USB port built in, making it a USB MicroSD card reader! Construction looks a little suspect though, and apparently it suffers from an ugly user interface.

So to go for the gung-ho do all AceKard or the CycloDS with its cheaper alternative EDGE. Recommendations people?

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